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Meet Natiya

Love & Adjustment

is the key to long life we just need helping knowing how to unlock the right doors.

~ Natiya McFadden

Normally, I would have inserted some well-written bio that spoke so highly of me; however, I would rather just be me.

Most people know me for being silly, insightful, loving, and a servant leader who loves God. That is me! Whether I am serving God, my family, students, clients, or someone I just met on the street, I love serving with a heart of love and compassion.

Yes! I am an author who has written books on being a wife, mother, understanding purpose, and how to find your way through life. Aside from the deep stuff, I have created journals, planners, and books for creatives. Writing is a way of release for me. I started with journaling and kept going.

Originally, I wanted to be a psychologist. The workings of our mind is captivating and even more interesting when we see how life affects our mind. Psychologists focus a lot on the past and present. I prefer to focus on the present and future so coaching is where I landed and I've been a holistic life and wellness coach since 2015.

I obtained my doctorate degree in naturopathy in 2015, and I am currently working on my psychology degree. This fall I will be taking the board exam to be a certified health and wellness coach through The National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches. This certification will allow me to bill insurances as I have already completed the required courses to sit for the exam.

​My specialty is being me, helping people organize their thoughts, and asking questions that provoke thought while affirming people right where they are. Most clients tell me that they leave their sessions knowing what to do and feeling empowered to get it done. You ready!​

Natiya McFadden

All coaching services are provided through NBE Coaching & Consulting Co, which provides holistic life and wellness coaching services for women, teens, and families, along with small business consulting services.

The Family Made Mom is a free resource provided by NBE as a twenty-four hour help for Moms, teens, and families. FMM provides podcasts and blogs to inform, provide advice, and be a sounding board.

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Public Speaking | Keynote Speaker | Training

I’m a passionate speaker dedicated to inspiring and empowering audiences through engaging and thought-provoking presentations. As a dedicated trainer, I am committed to empowering individuals and teams through comprehensive and engaging training programs.

Known for my energetic motivational speaking style, I create a powerful connection with my audience. My approach is not just about delivering information; it’s about fostering a meaningful experience that leaves a lasting impression. 

My training sessions are designed to deliver tangible results, with participants reporting improved performance, increased confidence, and practical skills they can immediately apply.

Whether addressing corporate leaders, educators, or young professionals, I tailor my content to meet the specific needs and interests of my audience.
Ready to inspire your audience or take your skills to the next level? Let’s connect! Contact me at or fill out this form for more information and booking details.
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